May 2017

Private Equity – Fund Formation; Leveraged Buyout

A new Private Equity suite is available on Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions. This suite includes two new step-by-step transactions - Fund Formation and Leveraged Buyouts - containing overviews, annotated timelines, checklists, chart builders, forms, document overviews, precedents and other practical guidance that will be of particular interest to corporate and M&A attorneys that represent private equity funds.

M&A Auction

M&A Auction practical guidance is now available on Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions. This step-by-step collection – containing overviews, annotated timelines, checklists, forms, document overviews and other practical guidance – will be of particular interest to corporate and M&A attorneys representing public and private company clients, as well as those involved in private equity.

Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Institutions

A new In Practice suite covering the recently enacted New York Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Institutions has been added to Privacy & Data Security Practice Page under the Plan & Execute tab. An addition In Practice suite covering Cyberinsurance will be added in the near future.

Estates, Gifts & Trusts

862-4th: Income in Respect of a Decedent (Section 691)

873-1st Section 1411 – Net Investment Income Tax

U.S. Income Portfolios

628-4th T.M., Transferee Liability (same title)

307-1st: Federal Securities Laws: Executive Compensation Disclosure Rule

309-1st, Insider Trading Under the Federal Securities Laws and Other Insider Trading Restriction

511-1st: Section 1411 -- Net Investment Income Tax

575-2nd: Accounting for Long-Term Contracts

Foreign Income Portfolios

7025-1st T.M., Business Operations in the Baltic States (new)

Health Law & Business Portfolios

1050-2nd: Navigating the Telehealth Landscape: Legal & Regulatory Issues (revised)

2200-2nd: Health Care Joint Ventures (new)

Corporate Practice Portfolio Series

Portfolio 32-4th, Trade Associations and the Antitrust Law

Portfolio 53-3rd, U.S. International Antitrust Enforcement (revised)

U.S. International Antitrust Enforcement: A Practical Guide, has been
comprehensively updated to address new Department of Justice and Federal Trade
Commission guidelines in the areas of intellectual property and international antitrust
enforcement and cooperation. Among other changes to reflect recent case law and
activity by various enforcement agencies, the update includes a new chapter
covering licensing of intellectual property and expanded coverage of issues in
discovery of evidence from abroad. The new DOJ and FTC Antitrust Guidelines for
the Licensing of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Guidelines for International
Enforcement and Cooperation have been added to the portfolio’s practice tools.


The Compliance Risk Benchmarks tool available on the Privacy & Data Security

Practice Center under the Plan & Execute tab leverages a proprietary algorithm to
produce risk benchmark scores for ten topics across more than 47 countries, based
on eight quantitative and qualitative risk factors — e.g., enforcement level, potential
criminal and civil monetary penalties, potential criminal imprisonment — as well as
editorial textual analysis of the relevant laws and regulations.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulatory Enforcement Tracker

An Anti-Money Laundering Regulatory Enforcement Tracker and accompanying
Analytics have been added to the Banking & Finance Practice Center on Bloomberg
Law. The new content tracks all regulatory enforcement actions since 2009 for
violations of the Bank Secrecy Act and other U.S. anti-money laundering laws and
regulations. It tracks actions by all regulatory and law enforcement agencies,
including the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, federal financial regulators,
state financial regulators, self-regulatory organizations, the U.S. Department of
Justice, state attorneys general, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Banks,
securities and commodities firms, money transmitters and other money services
businesses, casinos, precious metals and jewelry dealers, and other businesses are
subject to this law. Total monetary penalties exceeded $1 billion in 2014 and have
totaled more than $600 million each year since, including more than $600 million in
the first quarter of 2017. The tracker also provides analytics on trends in
enforcement including a comprehensive overview of AML regulatory enforcement
actions that will be useful to: financial institutions facing regulatory, compliance or
enforcement issues; regulatory counsel; consulting firms; and other service

Expanded Merger Clearance in International Jurisdictions Tracker

Information for an additional 45 countries has been added to the Merger Clearance
in International Jurisdictions
tracker on the Antitrust Practice Page. The tracker
provides basic statutory authority, filing thresholds and fees, and timelines for
government authorities’ review of simple and complex mergers for 79 countries’
merger control regimes.

Trump Administration Reform Tracker

As the U.S. Senate takes up the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA)
and continues attempting to craft its own version of a healthcare bill that can pass
Congress, Bloomberg Law’s Health Care Practice Center will continue to track all
key developments. You can follow the latest developments in the Health Care
Reform Tracking container on the Health Care Practice Center home page, which
includes the Trump Administration Reform Tracker providing in-depth comparisons
of proposed AHCA changes against the existing Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
Bloomberg Law also will report daily developments on the legislative and political
process in our Health Care Daily Reports.

In Focus: Proxy Regulation

An In Focus: Proxy Regulation page has been added to the Corporate Practice

Center home page and the Corporate Governance practice page. On the Securities
Practice Center
, it is accessible on the home page and the SEC Periodic Reporting
page. In Focus: Proxy Regulation gathers in one place regulations, guidance, news,
and analysis related to the regulation of the proxy process. It is a great resource for
outside and in-house counsel representing publicly traded companies, and will also
be of interest to all securities and corporate practitioners who want to stay abreast of
new developments and analysis in this area.

In Focus: FCPA

A new In Focus: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) page has been added to the

Corporate and Securities Practice Centers on Bloomberg Law. The page pulls
together all Bloomberg Law resources on the FCPA, including primary source,
treatises and portfolios, cases, dockets, trackers and news. FCPA prohibits bribery
of non-U.S. public officials and sets standards for recordkeeping and internal
controls at corporations that are publicly traded in the U.S. and is of great concern to
corporate counsel and others representing U.S. companies doing business in foreign

In Focus: Autonomous Vehicles

The Tech & Telecom Practice Center includes In Focus: Autonomous Vehicles,

aggregating primary and secondary sources, news, and company information on this
developing topic. The practice page includes several patent data visualization
features and includes an interactive U.S. map displaying proposed and enacted state

Corporate Practice Center

The Corporate Practice Center features a new Investor Activism Analytics page.

Activist investors purchase shares in public companies and then use their ownership
interest to obtain concessions from management. These changes can include board
seats, management changes, stock buybacks and corporate restructuring, policy
changes and other demands. Issuers from the smallest public companies to giants
such as GE and Microsoft have been targeted by activists. Companies must be
familiar with the activist investor landscape and be prepared to deal with the
possibility that they will become activist targets. The Investor Activism Analytics
page gathers data on the leading activists, the most commonly targeted companies,
and the impact of activist campaigns across different industry segments since 2015;
it includes comparative charts and graphs that allow customers to quickly identify the
latest trends in the activist investor environment.

Privacy & Data Security

An additional Country Profile for Indonesia has been added under the Privacy & Data
Security Practice Page
, summarizing the governing laws, regulatory authorities, risk
environment and emerging issues in privacy. The number of country profiles now

totals 60.


Three new Practice Centers have been added to Bloomberg Law 3.0 in place of the

IP/Tech & Telecom Practice Center. Two of the new PCs, Patents & Trade Secrets
and Trademarks & Copyrights, are title-managed for separate sale; the third, Tech &
, will be title-managed for separate sale in a future release


Bloomberg Law now has a new Corporate Practice Center, featuring a significant
expansion in content developed exclusively for corporate counsel. It integrates
practical guidance, expert analysis, commentary, news, primary sources and
practice tools on issues of vital importance given the unique role of lawyers in


Developed with extensive input on content and structure from corporate counsel, the

Corporate Practice Center enables attorneys to manage a variety of functions quickly
and efficiently, such as drafting policies and form agreements, developing workflow
strategies for their department and building and running effective compliance

Bloomberg Brief Newsletters - Recent Change

Please note that Bloomberg News has discontinued the following two Bloomberg
Brief Newsletters:

  • Clean Energy & Carbon
  • Technical Strategies

Prior editions of these newsletters will remain available in News Search on

Bloomberg Law under the "Climate & Carbon Newsletter" and "Technical Strategies
Newsletter" topics. You can locate all current Bloomberg Brief Newsletters can be
found here or by selecting Bloomberg Brief Newsletters as a source in News Search.


Beginning April 3, you will see enhancements to the tiles that are used to populate

customized dashboards on the Business Intelligence Center. In particular, there will
be five new tile types: Court Opinions, Patents, All Legal Content, Transactional
Precedents and People Search.


May 2017 A


These will be in addition to the existing News, Dockets, EDGAR, Law Reports and

Company Screener tiles. The EDGAR 10-K Risk Factors tile will be removed,
because those searches will now be obtainable through the EDGAR tile.


In addition, the backs of the existing News, Dockets and EDGAR tiles (along with the
new tile types being added) will be expanded to include all of the search fields
available on the corresponding advanced search forms on Bloomberg Law:



May 2017 B2