McCarthy's Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property, Third Edition

This guide is the first stop for IP research. It details nearly 800 words, phrases, statutes, and conventions on patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, entertainment, and computer law. The encyclopedia delves into these IP terms on three tiers of depth, ranging from a simple definition to detailed explanations, citations and Web references.

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The Third Edition of McCarthy’ Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property is a multifaceted practitioner's guide of first reference. It defines patent, trademark, and copyright terms of art and uses them in context to better explain each one and the various legal scenarios in which they may be found. The Encyclopedia also analyzes relevant cases and statutes and provides citations to more cases and IP treatises for additional research.

The authors’ unique, three-level treatment of each term allows the reader to delve into as much detail as is required for the immediate need at hand. This approach allows experienced practitioners and newcomers alike to immediately find the most relevant material. The first level for each term is a concise and simple definition. The second level of coverage is a more complete and detailed explanation, which for more complicated subjects, includes use of the term in context by courts, Congress, and others. The third level of information includes citations for further research in leading IP treatises, cases, and other legal resources and, where appropriate, URL references to relevant websites.

The Encyclopedia also includes a table of cases, appendices that list the treatises used by the authors, plus historical lists of all patent and trademark directors, commissioners, and registers of copyrights. Key historical data on patent grants and trademark registrations are also included. This multilevel approach makes McCarthy’s Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property your first stop for research.

The Third Edition details nearly 800 words, phrases, statutes, and conventions on patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, entertainment, and computer law. The Third Edition also adds several new entries in order to keep pace with emerging areas of IP law, including:

  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Digital performance rights
  • The Anti-Cybersquatting Act
  • The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Business method
  • Anti-circumvention
  • Markman Hearing
  • First inventor defense

As a resource to quickly find answers to your questions in a simple and easy-to-understand format, or as the springboard to more extensive research, this convenient desktop reference should be kept close at hand so you can provide fast and reliable counsel to your clients.


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