Michael Baer

Michael Baer is managing editor for Bloomberg BNA’s Payroll Library™, Payroll Decision Support Network™, and International Payroll Decision Support Network™ services in the Tax Publishing Division. Baer’s team of editors and writers and research analysts cover compliance and administrative issues to aid employers in their payroll functions.

Payroll Library™ gives you reliable, up-to-date guidance and analysis in every area of payroll administration and compliance, and includes hundreds of interactive forms and links to related federal, state, and local sites.

Payroll Decision Support Network™, the most comprehensive resource available for payroll professionals, combines payroll news, strategic white papers, custom research answers, webinars on the hottest payroll topics, survey and research reports, in addition to access to Bloomberg BNA’s Payroll Library™.

International Payroll Decision Support Network™, the global solution for payroll professionals, combines custom research, strategic white papers, country primers, webinars, and the expert guidance you’ve come to expect from Bloomberg BNA.