Michele J. Alexander Esq.

Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Whether she’s working on a $1 billion or a $10 million deal, Michele Alexander is one of those rare lawyers who can explain in plain English how complicated tax rules will affect her clients’ business goals. With a steadfast focus on achieving these goals, she helps execute her clients’ transactions in the most tax-efficient manner possible. This is a talent Michele has nurtured over nearly two decades as a tax lawyer, navigating everything from straightforward stock purchases to the most complicated transactions and structures.
Michele is quick to adapt and master ever-changing tax rules and regulations and apply them to her clients’ complex business needs. With an emphasis on helping clients run their businesses efficiently within the constraints of complicated tax laws, Michele strives to never simply tell a client that an idea is not feasible – instead, she always looks for alternatives to address both tax concerns and business objectives. In addition to consistently striving to structure transactions to achieve the best tax result, Michele sometimes plays the equally important role of preventing tax rules from disproportionately impacting the terms of a business agreement.
Michele provides counsel on a broad spectrum of transactions and issues, including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and security offerings, joint ventures, bankruptcy and restructurings (both in and out of court) and financings. In recent years, Michele’s practice has developed a strong focus on private equity and hedge funds (and similar vehicles). Michele immerses herself in every aspect of the funds practice, from advising on structure and helping to draft related agreements and documents, to negotiating with investors and ultimately to advising fund clients on acquisitions and other investments, from inception to disposition. In addition, Michele is experienced in real estate investment trusts and the unique tax challenges of utilizing them to hold real estate in a tax-efficient matter, especially foreign investments in U.S. real estate.

Georgetown University Law Center

Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios:
743 T.M., Structuring Real Estate Joint Ventures with Private REITs (co-author)