What You Missed in Environmental Policy News: Week Ending Dec. 4

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Its crunch time in the energy and environment community as both international climate talks in Paris and the omnibus spending bill near their expected end dates of Dec. 11. Democrats and Republicans sparred domestically over climate commitments, even as an early draft of the climate accord became public. The House also passed a broad energy bill, and Congress passed a five-year highway bill.

Here are some of the other environmental news stories we covered this week:

Some 150 world leaders began the climate summit with strong calls for action, but as the dust clears it’s the lower level delegates who will face the task of bridging the gap between lofty calls and real-world options. (Story by Eric Lyman in Paris.)

The role of insurance in protecting countries vulnerable to climate change impacts gained unexpected attention at the Paris talks, even as many hope to reach an accord with climate commitments from developed and developing countries alike. (Story by Dean Scott in Paris.)

Discussions over environmental and other policy riders within the upcoming omnibus spending bill are clouding certainty over whether Congress will be able to meet its Dec. 11 deadline. (Story by David Schultz in Washington.)

Senate Republicans are considering how to work with Democrats to lift the crude oil export ban. Senate Democrats are demanding “some very significant environmental policy riders” in exchange. (Story by Ari Natter in Washington for subscribers.)

Meanwhile, Clean Power Plan litigation developments continued with former Environmental Protection Agency administrators joining the EPA in its legal efforts to protect the Clean Power Plan. (Story by Andrew Childers in Washington.)