Emeli Molin

Mannheimer Swartling
Molin, Emeli
Emeli Molin is an Associate at Mannheimer Swartling's IT, Telecom and Technology (ITT) and Intellectual Property, Marketing and Media (IMM) practice groups in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has more than two years’ experience of qualified legal counseling. Emeli has particularly extensive experience assisting companies in specific data protection focused legal matters as well as online and consumer related legal matters, whereas data protection has been a focus area during the recent years. She is continuously hired as an expert advisor in IT and intellectual property related projects such as licensing structures, personal data advice, software, and trademarks, and she is also hired as an expert within IT and intellectual property during corporate transactions. Thus, Emeli has extensive knowledge of data protection legislation from many practical perspectives including performing data protection due diligence work in connection with transactions, setting up privacy policies and routines for clients, and providing privacy related legal advice. Emeli received an LL.M from Gothenburg University (2016).