Mozambique Increases Minimum Wages for Several Industries

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By Molly Ward

May 9—Eight of Mozambique's 14 sectoral monthly minimum wage rates were approved April 26 by the Mozambican Council of Ministers and retroactive to April 1, the government said April 27 in a news release.

Most of the increases range from 7 to 11 percent.

The eight new sector minimum wages, effective April 1, are:


  •  Mining extraction: increased to 6,213.67 meticais ($115.80) from 5,643.34 meticais ($105.20);
  •  Sand mining: increased to 4,907.17 meticais ($91.45) from 4,539.05 meticais ($84.59);
  •  Salt mining: increased to 4,476 meticais ($83.41) from 4,176 meticais ($77.82);
  •  Manufacturing: increased to 5,200 meticais ($97) from 4,815 meticais ($89.73);
  •  Construction: increased to 4,886.74 meticais ($91.07) from 4,483.25 meticais ($83.55);
  •  Activities of nonfinancial services: increased to 5,050 meticais ($94.11) from 4,676 meticais ($87.14);
  •  Bank and insurance: increased to 8,750 meticais ($163.06) from 8,050 meticais ($150.02) and
  •  Microfinance companies: increased to 8,400 meticais ($156.54) from 7,800 meticais ($145.36).


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