The Name is Bond, James Cyber-Bond


James Bond is still preternaturally elegant, suave and macho. And he still relies on the help of the original tech guru—Q. But increasingly, Q is all about providing cybersecurity services in addition to exploding wristwatches and awesome Aston Martins.

The latest James Bond movie installment, Spectre, prominently features the MI6 spy agency headquarters in London. As did the last one, Skyfall.

Back then, in 2012, cyberterrorists set off an explosion that gutted the headquarters. This time, the building is razed by the U.K.’s evil new head of cyber-surveillance. And Q is called upon to hack his own government’s computer system, which is activated to allow seven of the world’s biggest spy agencies to fully share surveillance capabilities.

Confused? Well—SPOILER ALERT—the problem is that the ultra-secret organized crime syndicate “Spectre” is really calling the shots—and the head of the U.K. end of things is one of their guys. No screenwriting credit for Ed Snowden, but definitely a not-too-subtle poke at surveillance culture. 

Given that Spectre was filmed and released before the recent tragic events in Paris, it will be interesting to see how a future 007 deals with today’s even more complex and unsettled cyberspace landscape, where spying means balancing national security interests against personal freedoms & privacy. 

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