National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA) Annual Proceedings 2008

This resource chronicles the Proceedings of the National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA) 2008 Annual Meeting.

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Jerilou Cossack
Assistant Editor


The premiere resource for practitioners in the field of arbitration 

Arbitration 2008: U.S. and Canadian Arbitration: Same Problems, Different Approaches continues the NAA's tradition of producing the most timely and enduring examination of labor and employment relations topics, where diversity of opinion and research stimulate a rethinking of old paradigms and serve as a catalyst for advancing practice in the field. As a resource for students, professors, and advocates, Arbitration 2008 is the only book that blends academics from a variety of disciplines with the best practices of practitioners to promote continuous advancement for all. A diversity of topics are covered, including arbitration in opera and the arts and in professional sports like baseball and hockey, as well as a substantive focus on non-labor or employment arbitration practice and in-depth guidance regarding evidence in arbitration.


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