National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA) Annual Proceedings 2016

This resource chronicles the Proceedings of the National Academy of Artibrators (NAA) 2016 Annual Meeting.

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Mark Thompson
Lise Gelernter
Associate Editor
Alvin Goldman
Associate Editor
Elizabeth McPherson
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Arbitration 2016: Arbitration in Practice

The 69th Annual Proceedings reflected a commitment to the arbitration process and aspirations to improve its practice. Highlights include an acknowledgment of recent attacks on arbitration and the Academy’s responses to those events; a humorous and insightful address on the background and precedents in American politics for President Donald Trump; a panel discussion on prehearing issues in the U.S. and Canada; a review of post-hearing issues in Canadian awards; a comprehensive discussion of multi-party arbitration in the U.S. Postal Service; analysis of the role of arbitration in connection with the politically-charged issues of allegations of excessive use of force by police officers and methods for evaluating classroom teachers; remarks by a U.S. District Judge and senior counsel for large employers and the United Steelworkers Union on the judicial review of arbitration awards; discussion of how neutrals decide arbitrations and how the parties can best influence those decisions; review of a project examining how journalists understand arbitration; and a fireside chat with James M. Harkless, a long-time member of the Academy, its first African-American president, and a pioneer in improving opportunities for African-Americans in education, law, and government.



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"The NAA Proceedings are a “must read” for members of the labor-management community and for students and researchers in the field of labor arbitration.”

Cindy Fazzi

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