National Academy of Arbitrators Annual Proceedings 2017: The New World of Work

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Arbitration 2017: The New World of Work

The sessions of the 70th Annual Proceedings were grounded in the changing times in which we live and work. Highlights included:

  • The Emerging Gig Economy: What Are the Rules?
  • Discipline in Sports
  • Innovations in Remedies
  • The Hottest Topic: Civility in the Workplace and Arbitration
  • Canada – Human Rights Claims – Different Forum, Different Outcomes
  • Law Enforcement Labor Relations and Arbitration and 21st Century Policing
  • Cameras Around Every Corner, Computers Everywhere: American and Canadian Perspectives on Employee Privacy at Work and at Play in 2017
  • Throw Out the Devil and Deal with the Details in Complex Airline Arbitrations
  • Lights, Bodycams, Action!
  • The Impact of Outside Parties on Discharge Arbitrations
  • No-Poaching and Independent Contractor v. Employee Status Disputes: Definition, Analysis, and Resolution
  • E-Discovery in Arbitration: Emerging Issues and Recent Case Studies
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Social Media: The Latest Concerns of Today and the Future
  • Presidential Address by Margaret R. Brogan and a Fireside Chat with John Kagel


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