Navigate the Social Media Maze to Good Hires

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus… the list of social media sites that may or may not be good places to recruit promising job candidates is long, and exotic newcomers pop up all the time. What’s a recruiter to do?

“The challenge with social media recruiting has been that companies’ talent acquisition and marketing organizations are not able to evolve as quickly as social media and technology develops and trends change,” Cher Murphy, chief talent officer at Seattle and St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), told Bloomberg BNA in an e-mail.

For example, she said, “millennials have transcended Facebook and spend the majority of their time on Snapchat and Instagram. Companies are not taking advantage of these platforms and their evolving offerings.”

On the other hand, Murphy said, “if you are targeting Generation X,” your talent acquisition professionals should “know how to use Facebook ads and the social media analytics they offer for job postings.” Behind-the-scenes factors like “the best times to post and using photos for better results” are also essential, she said.

Fortune 500 companies “earned an overall average of C for their use of recruitment marketing best practices,” according to Concord, Mass.-based recruitment marketing and employer branding software company SmashFly Technologies.

To improve recruitment marketing, Lori Sylvia, SmashFly chief marketing officer, recommends that an employer “should start small by adding calls-to-action throughout its career site, building talent pipelines through simple forms candidates can fill out on the site, and test out email nurture campaigns of compelling content to these candidates and then measure the results,” she told Bloomberg BNA in an e-mail.

In Murphy's view, many employers suffer from “an undeveloped employment branding strategy,” which should be a long-term thing. “An employment branding strategy that addresses shared beliefs yields the best candidates. Social media connects organizations with these potential candidates in expanded networks,” she said.

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