Need an Airbnb for Trump’s Inauguration? Policy Tweak Opens D.C. Suburb’s Doors


People traveling to Washington for Donald Trump’s inauguration will have an easier time finding a place to stay, after Arlington County, Va. quickly changed its policy to allow short-term rentals through Airbnb Inc.

Arlington, a suburb in the Washington metropolitan area, approved amendments to its zoning ordinance that will permit homeowners to rent out their properties on short-term bases.  The regulations take effect Dec. 31, just 20 days before Trump’s inauguration.

Jan. 20 will mark the third presidential inauguration since online home-sharing platform Airbnb was founded.  The company has projected more than 10,000 people will stay with Airbnb hosts in the metro area for the big event.

Airbnb looks forward to using the Arlington zoning ordinance as “a model for shaping sensible home-sharing guidelines” across Virginia and the Washington metro area, company spokeswoman Crystal Davis told Bloomberg BNA.

County Board Chair Libby Garvey told Bloomberg BNA that the number of complaints and inquiries about Arlington residents hosting guests through Airbnb and other platforms pushed the county to work on the regulations. She said the staff realized there would be a lot of demand during inauguration, and they are working hard to have an application process for short-term rental permits go live by Jan. 1.

The new rules will allow homeowners to host up to six guests per night. Arlington County locals should expect one very crowded weekend.