New President, Awards Highlight Congress Session


The American Payroll Association’s new president, John Raguz, CPP, made his debut at the association’s opening general session May 15. Raguz is payroll  manager for Progressive Insurance in Mayfield, Ohio.

Over 2,600 members attended APA’s 2018 Congress in National Harbor, Md. There were also 230 first-time attendees at the conference.

The three states with the most attendees: California, with 186 attendees; Texas, with 117 attendees; and Florida, with 111 attendees. Virginia had 107 attendees.

The following APA members were recognized at the conference:

Emily Rook, CPP, received the association’s Board of Directors award. Rook is an APA board member and former president. She is a consultant with Circle Financial Services in Inverness, Ill.

Carolyn Huse, CPP, was named Payroll Woman of the Year. Huse is payroll director for Critical Healthcare Management in Dallas, Texas.

Gary Lynch, CPP, was named Payroll Man of the Year. Lynch is a payroll consultant in Seattle, Washington.