Russia: New System of Professional Qualification Standards Coming

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By Sergei Blagov

Feb. 1—The federal government has been charged by President Vladimir Putin to develop new regulations encouraging employers to rely more on professional qualification standards in their hiring practices, the presidential press service announced Jan. 30.

Under Putin's order, the government must notify employers by March 31, 2016, about sector-specific mandatory requirements for the use of professional qualification standards. Putin also ordered that legislation on the topic be drafted by the end of March.

In May 2015 as part of a program to modernize the workplace environment and to increase productivity, the Russian federal government adopted Order No. 881-r to establish institutions of independent assessment to oversee professional qualification standards. The new regulation envisions the creation of a network of independent centers to certify that employees have met relevant professional standards, 191 in 2016 and 289 in 2017 in addition to the 36 created in 2015.

The full text of Order No. 881-r is available at, the press service announcement at, both in Russian.

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