Bloomberg Law Enhanced News

Stay ahead of legal developments and gain critical insights into the implications for your clients or organization. Bloomberg Law’s enhanced news -  25+ products – provides customizable delivery of timely and concise news you can rely on. Key features include:


  • Delivery of news as it happens
  • Customizable news feeds by topic
  • User-defined custom email alerts sent at a time and frequency you choose
  • Bloomberg Law expert Insights
  • First Move – a preview of the day’s top stories (with select news sources)
  • Highlights of the day’s top stories


1. For quick access to all enhanced news products, click the BROWSE button and select News.




2. Select Bloomberg Law News.




3. A drop-down menu will display all enhanced news products. Select the enhanced news product of interest to you.



4. You can also access enhanced products via the GO Bar, including autocomplete functionality.


5. Type in a news product name – such as Health Law and Business – and the Go Bar will autocomplete the name.


6. Click Navigation to go directly to the news product.