News Search

Create custom, targeted news searches limited by both keywords and fielded criteria with the Specialized News Search.

Example: Search For News of Litigation Settlements.

  1. From the Browse All Content menu, select News, and click News Search.
  2. In the Keywords field, input "settle".
  3. In the Topics field, type "lit" and, from the autocomplete list, choose Litigation.
  4. Click Search
    *If you save a search, the headlines that meet your search criteria display in Saved News Searches. The criteria of the search is also available in your Saved Search & Alerts Management tab
  5. From the top of your Results page, you can Modify or Filter your search.

Search Results_sample search_2

To set a search alert or save the search for future use, click Create Search Alert at the bottom of the search screen or at the top of the Search Results screen.

News Search_sample