The NFL is the King of Controlling the Narrative, but Not When the Commish’s Twitter Account is Hacked


Hackers recently took over the NFL Twitter account, after at least 10 other celebrities’ accounts had been hacked in about a week. The hackers tweeted that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had died. Goodell debunked the rumors on his own Twitter account later that day.

The group that hacked the NFL account—who revealed that their handle is @IDissEverything—told Tech Insider they broke into the account “for the lulz,” and found the password to the account by hacking into an NFL employee’s email. 

Goodell was not the only celebrity rumored dead. Hackers tweeted last week from Tenacious D’s account that actor and comedian Jack Black died. Black is a member of the comedy rock duo. 

Other hackers spread different sorts of rumors about celebrities or promoted personal social media handles through the celebrities’ accounts. 

A hacker tweeted from Kylie Jenner’s account about her alleged sex tape, which the reality TV star later denied on Snapchat.

Drake may have started from the bottom, but he was also famous enough to get hacked: A hacker promoted Snapchat and Twitter accounts using Drake’s Twitter. The rapper deleted both tweets the same day. 

Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were compromised, because he reused the phrase “dadada” in passwords for multiple social media accounts, The Wall Street Journal reported. Zuckerberg’s password was included in recent a LinkedIn database dump.

Facebook’s privacy suggestions warn against using the same password for multiple social media sites, which means the social media site’s creator broke his own rule. 

It’s unclear if these hacks were part of a larger organized effort.

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