Nick Webb

Managing Editor - International Tax

Nick Webb is a Managing Editor in Bloomberg BNA’s International Tax Editorial Group, with responsibility for the foreign country component of that group’s work. Nick’s primary duties revolve around the "Doing Business in" foreign country portfolios, but he also does the technical editing for the Tax Management International Forum, provides technical support and editing support for Tax Management International Journal, and provides technical input for the withholding tax chartbuilder. Before arriving at what was then Tax Management in 1995, Nick was head of the IBFD’s Asia-Pacific team and before that an Inspector with the UK Inland Revenue (now HM Revenue & Customs). In addition, Nick has worked for KPMG, Deloitte and others on a freelance basis, and was the editor of the NFTC’s Foreign Income Project: International Tax Policy for the 21st Century.

UK Inland Revenue Tax Specialist Programme
B.A. Classics, University of Reading, England