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NLRB Election Statistics Report

This semi-annual report summarizes union organizing activities. The report includes an executive summary and tables summarizing election results by major union affiliation, industry, bargaining unit size, and state. The text and tables are based on election results from the National Labor Relations Board headquarters and regional offices.

Elections Speed and the NLRB: How Unions Fare in the Representation Process

This report fully explores the baseline metrics needed to fully gauge the sizable impact of the April 2015 NLRB rule changes, covering five years of trends as well as 2015 data on industries, unions, and states. Discover essential information like:

  • The relationship between union success and election speed
  • Data on this year's election speeds for selected unions, industries, states, and regions
  • Historical context for a more comprehensive understanding of the trends in union organizing
  • Tables, graphs, and so much more.

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