No, Republicans Won't Succeed in Abolishing EPA: Legal Scholars

How to abolish federal agency graphic

Be wary of any promises from Republican presidential candidates to abolish federal entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Department, legal scholars told Bloomberg BNA, because they will not come true.

Eradicating federal agencies would require congressional cooperation and, even if an agency were dissolved, its statutory mandates would linger on for other parts of the federal government to pick up. That would create unbridled chaos for communities, states and regulated entities, scholars said.

“Most of these claims for abolishing agencies—like the EPA which exists in many, many statutes even though it was created by an executive order and certainly abolishing agencies like the Department of Energy that were congressional creations—are campaign promises without hope of delivery,” Erin Ryan, a professor with Florida State University College of Law, told Bloomberg BNA.

Bloomberg BNA reporter Anthony Adragna reports the story.