North Korea Jets Away With F-15 Blueprints


North Korea hacked into computers at 160 South Korean companies and government agencies, allegedly stealing classified blueprints for the F-15 fighter jet, South Korea's National Police Agency recently reported

The hacking started in 2014, but wasn’t detected until February 2016, the agency said. The two-year long hacking streak exposed more than 42,000 documents, mostly defense-related file. South Korean authorities, however, maintained that none of the stolen materials was secret, and that there was no security breach.

Additionally, even though the internet protocol address of the attackers was allegedly traced to a computer in Pyongyang, the North Koreans have denied the accusations as well.

Ever since the two Koreas reached an armistice in 1953, the peninsula has witnessed many deadly clashes, further dividing the nations. Recently, however, cross-border artillery fires, raid on Presidential office, secret tunnels and spies have been replaced with cross-border K-pop blasts and cyber-warfare.

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