North Korean Cyberwarfare Operations Official Defects: Thank You Seth Rogen


Instead of loudspeakers blasting K-pop, maybe South Korea should erect some movie screens along the demilitarized zone to screen The Interview, Seth Rogen’s movie about assassinating Kim Jong-Un.

For whatever reason, a high-ranking North Korean Colonel who allegedly oversaw the country’s General Reconnaissance Bureau (GRB)–which purportedly spearheaded the Sony Pictures Entertainment data breach from November 2014—has defected to South Korea. The GRB is an important unit in the North Korean People’s Army that oversees cyberwarfare and espionage missions.

A group calling itself the Guardians of Peace claimed to have executed the hack and stolen hundreds of terabytes of data from Sony’s servers.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry Spokesman Moon Sang Gyun announced this week that the colonel defected in May 2015, giving him approximately 6 months to read the script to the James Bond film Spectre and plan his escape–plenty of time to catch its October 2015 release in theaters.

South Korea media announced that in addition to the colonel, 13 North Korean employees of a restaurant in China also defected, telling South Korean officials that they started to distrust North Korean propaganda after watching South Korean television dramas and movies.

Maybe the defectors realized what a tyrant Kim Jon-Un really is after learning from The Interview that he likes Firework by Katy Perry. Or perhaps, as Katy Perry sang, the defectors realized that there’s still a chance for them ‘cause there’s a spark in them. They just had to ignite the light and let it shine. 

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