November 2018



Privacy & Data Security


New Practical Guidance – Vendor Contracts – has been added to the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center. Third-party vendors contribute to the success of many organizations, but new data security obligations may require a re-examination of terms, conditions, and workflows. Our new Practical Guidance collection on vendor contracts includes sample GDPR data processing agreements, checklists addressing cybersecurity concerns, and an overview of state laws that require businesses to incorporate data security provisions into vendor agreements.


Commercial Transactions


New Practical Guidance – Step-by-Step Franchising – has been added to our Commercial Transactions offering. The content includes overviews, forms, checklists, and additional resources covering a range of topics, such as a franchise disclosure agreement, FTC Franchise Rule compliance, and drafting a franchise agreement.


Labor & Employment


New step-by-step Practical Guidance – Prevent & Respond to Sexual Harassment – has been added to the Labor & Employment Practice Center. The page includes new overviews, sample policies, checklists, and forms providing guidance to attorneys on a range of topics, including state and local harassment laws, examination of workplace culture, training, investigation, and more.




In Focus: Sexual Harassment


The new In Focus: Sexual Harassment page on the Labor & Employment Practice Center joins our Practical Guidance on this topic, updating you on the claims filed with the EEOC alleging sexual harassment and damages paid by companies; highlighting recent state law activity in response to the #MeToo movement; tracking key court cases dealing with sexual harassment; providing expert guidance from law firms to avoid risk; and linking to Practical Guidance on complying with sexual harassment laws.


In Focus: Surprise and Balance Billing


The practice by out-of-network health care providers of billing patients for charges above and beyond what those providers receive from the patients’ health insurance, frequently known as balance billing or surprise billing, has recently been a target of state legislatures and regulators as a consumer protection issue. The new In-Focus: Surprise and Balance Billing page on the Health Care Practice Center brings together in one convenient place everything a practitioner needs to know about state efforts to curb or at least regulate balance billing and surprise billing, including insights from experts in the field and a detailed map showing the restrictions on a state-by-state basis. The page also contains continuously updated feeds alerting practitioners to news, litigation developments, and newly proposed or passed state laws and regulations involving surprise billing or balance billing.




Labor & Employment Practice Center


A new international strategic report – Protectionism and Global Immigration in 2018 – has been added to the Labor & Employment Practice Center. The report details what the authors, members of the Erickson Immigration Group, perceive is a trend in corporate global mobility, i.e., protectionist measures affecting business immigration. The report highlights enacted restrictive policies in the U.K., Singapore, Denmark, and Australia and the effects they are having on enterprise-level businesses.




SEC Enforcement Analytics


SEC Administrative Enforcement Analytics joins the SEC ALJ Enforcement Analytics tool providing full coverage of Securities & Exchange Commission actions, including both settlements and decisions. The new tool covers settled SEC administrative actions, including the full text of SEC Administrative Orders, links to relevant statutes, and analytic visual representations of key data points and trends.


Where charges are not settled, the Commission sets a trial before an administrative law judge (ALJ). Initial decisions by the ALJ in these cases are covered in Bloomberg Law’s® SEC ALJ Enforcement Analytics.




The new Points of Law list displays the Points of Law that appear in a court opinion in a convenient, condensed view. You no longer have to browse the full opinion to identify all of the relevant Points of Law cited throughout the opinion. From this list, you can easily scan all the Points of Law and then quickly select and link to the relevant text in the opinion. The new functionality includes selections for Order of Appearance or Most Cited; the latter enables you to quickly understand the significance of the opinion and why other cases have found the opinion to be worthy of reliance.


Points of Law offers a more efficient and effective way to conduct case law research. Through the application of machine learning to our database of court opinions, Points of Law speeds up case law research by highlighting language critical to a court’s reasoning, allowing you to quickly find the best language to support legal arguments.




You now have easy access to all Bloomberg Law enhanced news products from the homepage. Simply click on the BROWSE button and select News then Bloomberg Law News for a display of all enhanced news products. Another click will take you to the landing page of the selected news product.

In addition, a search for an enhanced news product via the Go Bar now includes autocomplete functionality, expediting your access to the product. Type in a news product – such as Health Law and Business – and the Go Bar will autocomplete the enhanced news name. Click the Navigation link to go directly to the landing page of the news product you selected.