Obama Opens Door to Short-Term Increase in Debt Ceiling

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White House spokesman Jay Carney opens the door to the possibility that the president would sign a short-term increase in the debt limit, so long as a significant agreement on debt reduction with revenue increases has been reached. The president will not sign repetitive, short-term increases in the debt limit that cast doubt on the capacity of the U.S. government to honor its obligations, Carney says. “Obviously if both sides agree to something significant, we will support the measures needed to finalize details,” Carney says. Carney's statement came as lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to mull the outlines of the proposal by the bipartisan “gang of six” senators that was unveiled Tuesday. While initial reactions in the Senate were largely positive, the complexity and wide reach of the proposal has led to doubt that it could be put in place in time for Congress to approve it by the Aug. 2 deadline.

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