Obama Sends Jobs Bill to Congress, GOP Immediately Rejects Old Offsets

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President Obama sends to Congress the legislative language of his jobs bill along with $467 billion in tax code changes he proposes to use to pay for the measure, even though those proposed tax changes have been rejected by lawmakers in the past. Obama unveiled his $447 billion jobs bill in a speech to a joint session of Congress. The bill, the American Jobs Act of 2011, would halve the taxes paid by businesses on their first $5 million of payroll; completely eliminate payroll taxes for new hires; provide funds to prevent teacher layoffs; extend unemployment insurance; and extend and expand the payroll tax holiday for workers. But to pay for these provisions, Obama trots out a host of offsets that have previously failed to pass muster with Congress, including a tax hike on carried interest and a curb on the rate that high-income taxpayers use to itemize tax deductions.

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