Obamacare, Merger-Fever Cases in Spotlight


When I first talked with my fellow legal editors about writing our special report on the biggest health-care related cases remaining on court dockets this year, I thought we’d have a couple dozen cases at most. Instead, we discovered we were following a plethora of cases involving nearly every aspect of health-care law.

Narrowing down the list quickly proved to be the hard part. In general, we kept off cases headed to the Supreme Court—those will be the subject of an upcoming special report. We also eliminated cases that kinda-sorta have been resolved, like the nonprofit religious group contraceptive mandate challenges. They’re still out there, given the Supreme Court’s directive to the parties to work out a compromise, but don’t seem to be generating a lot of interest.

The resulting list showcases what we think are some of the biggest cases still pending ahead of the year’s end: Federal government challenges to hospital and insurer mergers, litigation resulting from the seemingly botched rollout of ACA risk-sharing provisions that has cost insurers billions and a case testing a Florida law that prohibits doctors from asking patients about gun ownership that spawned three separate panel opinions before being argued before the entire Eleventh Circuit last summer.

The list is intended to be informational, but not exhaustive.

We’re anxiously awaiting answers to the questions raised in these cases, and we know you are too!

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