October 2016

Litigation Analytics

We are excited to announce the launch of Litigation Analytics on Bloomberg Law! This suite of tools enables Bloomberg Law users to:

  • Visualize litigation trends
  • Predict outcomes
  • Advise clients
  • Improve your overall litigation strategy.

With the introduction of Litigation Analytics, Bloomberg Law becomes the first and only full-service legal research and business intelligence provider to include this type of solution, together with access to comprehensive case law and dockets collections.

Users can search our Litigation Analytics suite by Company (70,000 public and 3.5 million private – culled from Bloomberg LP/terminal), Law Firm (curated and normalized list of 7000+ law firms), and Judge (all active federal district court judges). Users can also download reports in PDF, Word and Excel format for Company/Law Firm and in PDF and Word format for Judge.


Search by Company

  • Search across 70,000 public companies and 3.5 million private companies to see which law firms are representing a given company in federal litigation
  • See the entirety of a company’s case portfolio, and sort by law firm, case type, date range, litigation history or jurisdiction
  • Filter out subsidiaries, link to company profiles, and view a company’s organizational hierarchy

October 1


Search by Law Firm

  • Search across 7,000+ law firms to see the companies those firms represent in federal litigation
  • See the entirety of a law firm’s case portfolio, and sort by companies, case types, date range, litigation history or jurisdiction
  • View dynamic charts, graphs and tables

October 2

Search by Judge

  • Search across all sitting federal district court judges to view data about a particular judge
  • View a judge’s profile, including historical work and current cases
  • View most cited opinions to better understand a judge’s most iconic cases
    Search past data on the judge’s decisions by four different classes of analytics: Motion Outcomes, Appeals Outcomes, Length of Case, and Appearances and Case Types
  • For Motion Outcomes and Appeal Outcomes, narrow the data further by Outcome, Date Range, or Legal Topic to better zero in on specific insights. You can also access the underlying Court Opinions directly from the dashboard

October 3


  • For Length of Case, see how long it takes, on average, from filing to termination, broken out by Case Type.

October 4


  • For Appearances & Case Types, evaluate which Law Firms and litigant Companies have appeared before a judge and how much experience a judge has for a given Case Type.

October 5


  • For Length of Case and Appearances & Case Types, access the underlying Dockets directly from the dashboard.
Enhanced Bloomberg Law Health Practice Center

The Bloomberg Law Health Practice Center has been enhanced with transactional practical guidance focused on health care industry mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and joint ventures (JVs). These enhancements ensure that the Health Practice Center will meet the needs and workflow of health care attorneys who often work on both transactional and regulatory matters. This step-by-step practical guidance will ensure that users can successfully navigate healthcare industry M&A and JV transactions, as well as other strategic affiliations, that involve unique due diligence aspects and special regulatory considerations given the highly regulated nature of the health care industry. The new transactional practical guidance pages complement Bloomberg Law’s comprehensive collection of health law regulatory materials, primary law and regulations, litigation resources and tools, compliance resources, and secondary analysis.

The health care transactional practical guidance is set out in two separate pages, both accessible from the new ‘Practical Guidance’ blade on the main landing page of the Health Practice Center. The Health Care Practical Guidance: Mergers & Acquisitions page is organized into four main sections reflecting the key steps in a health care M&A transaction: (1) Initiating the Deal-making Process; (2) Conducting Effective Due Diligence; (3) Drafting & Negotiating the Agreement; and (4) Closing & Implementing the Deal. 

The transactional documents and checklists are distinctive assets available only on Bloomberg Law; form agreements licensed from the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) that have been annotated with drafting tips and expert guidance by top practitioners at Ropes & Gray LLP. The M&A practical guidance page also provides Bloomberg Law users with Monthly Health Transactions Updates, that include proprietary market data on various categories of health care industry M&A, updated each month. Additionally, it provides AHLA Practitioner Perspectives that offer more in-depth insights on transactions developed from AHLA program papers and presentations at conferences.

Similarly, the Health Care Practical Guidance: Joint Ventures page is organized around the same four key steps in health care industry JV transactions and other strategic affiliations. Bloomberg Law partnered with leading health care boutique firm, Hall Render LLP, to add expert annotations and essential drafting guidance to health care industry JV forms and checklists licensed from the AHLA, as well as Joint Operating Agreements and related documents for other strategic affiliations in the health care industry. On the JV practical guidance page, similar to the M&A page, we also provide health care industry JV transactional data, updated monthly, as well as AHLA Practitioner Perspectives.

Corporate Practice Center - Proxy Season Analytics

The new Proxy Season Analytics page is now live on the Corporate Practice Center and the Securities Practice Center. This page provides analysis of a number of data points related to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) shareholder proposal no-action letter relief process. Through its no-action letter process, the SEC responds to requests from companies seeking to exclude shareholder resolutions from the materials companies send investors in advance of an annual meeting. The new analytics page features charts and data based on the 2016 proxy season, breaking down:

  • All of the shareholder proposal topics for which companies sought exclusion.
  • The top five shareholder proposal topics for which companies sought relief.
  • The top five companies to utilize the SEC’s no-action letter process.
  • The shareholder proponents with the most proposals subject to no-action letter requests.

Users can use these analytics to help them prepare for the 2017 proxy season.

Three New Transactions Added to Practical Guidance

Three new transactions have been added to the Corporate Transactions In Practice practical guidance:  


A Registered High-Yield Debt Offerings transaction has been added to the Step-by-Step practical guidance materials in the Capital Markets suite of Bloomberg Law focusing on information that will be of particular interest to capital markets and corporate finance attorneys working on high-yield debt offerings. 

Two new transactions have been added to the Corporate Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions Practical Guidance. The Private Asset Purchase transaction focuses on drafting issues arising in asset purchases involving private companies, the Public Asset Purchase transaction focuses on drafting issues arising in asset purchases involving public companies.

State Blue Sky Law Chart Builders Added

The State Blue Sky chart builders provide details and source links on key Blue Sky registration requirements and exemptions across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The chart-builders provide quick access to securities registration requirements and exemptions information—intelligence that is vital prior to making a securities offering in any state. Two new chart builders have been added to cover Broker-Dealer Representative Registration and Reporting and Registration Types.

Updated ALJ Enforcement Analytics

The SEC ALJ Enforcement Analytics page has been updated to reflect third quarter enforcement actions. A graph depicting the amount of disgorgement ordered in ALJ enforcement actions over the last three years has been added to the page. The data on this page tracks all Administrative Law Judge initial decisions filed since the beginning of 2013 except for proceedings against defunct companies that are delinquent in their periodic filings. 

Expansion of Smart CodeSM Functionality to Six New States: Alabama, Colorado, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina and Wisconsin

Bloomberg Law's Smart CodeSM functionality has been expanded to six new states: Alabama, Colorado, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina and Wisconsin. Users can now pull up a statute or regulation from any of those states and click on the Smart CodeSM tab located along the top of the page to quickly view extracts of court opinions discussing the provision they are researching. This feature allows users to filter the relevant extracts by Keyword, Date, Court, or Topic to easily identify the most useful results. Smart CodeSM uses machine learning to assign a strength of discussion score on a sliding scale from “weak” to “strong”, enabling users to focus on the legal discussions most likely to inform their research.

The specific codes and regulations where Smart CodeSM has been added include:





South Carolina


New from BBNA Books

The 2017 edition of The Law Officer's Pocket Manual is now available. For more than 40 years, the Manual has highlighted the basic rules for quick reference, examples showing how rules are applied and concise guidance based on U.S. Supreme Court rulings on constitutional law issues and other legal developments covering arrest, search, surveillance, and other routine, as well as sensitive, areas of law enforcement.

The new edition reflects the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decisions on: 

  • Application of the exclusionary rule, where the police execute an unlawful stop of a pedestrian, but then a valid arrest warrant is discovered during the detention
  • Whether officers who arrest a motorist for DUI need a warrant before compelling the driver to take a breathalyzer test
  • Whether officers need a warrant before requiring a driver to submit to a blood draw
Bloomberg BNA Portfolios

The following portfolios is now available on Bloomberg Law:

  • 6060-1st: The Foreign Tax Credit Limitation Under Section 904
  • 2200-2nd: New York State and City Corporation Income Taxes for Tax Years Before 2015 
  • 607: Removal 
  • 7142-1st: Business Operations in Greece