October 2017


Litigation Analytics latest enhancement – Comparative Analytics – allows Bloomberg Law users to compare an individual active federal district court judge’s motion outcomes and appeal outcomes to those of other judges, districts, circuits, and the national average. An additional component of Comparative Analytics – length of case – will be added to motion outcomes and appeal outcomes in November.


Bloomberg Law's proprietary Docket Key docket filing classification system is a new, unique, and innovative classification system that identifies entries on a docket sheet. This new Dockets enhancement will make locating underlying docket filings easy, quick, and precise by targeting 20 filing type categories, including motions, briefs, orders, and more. Docket Key features include:

  • A new Filing Type filter on the docket search page that allows you to target specific filing types and dockets entries for civil cases in the supported courts
  • Functional search results that pinpoint matching entries and allow direct access to underlying PDFs
  • The ability to filter a docket sheet by filing type and date to quickly find exactly what you are looking for
  • A new toggle to search for docket filings by the date they were filed instead of the date the case was filed

Docket Key initially supports the most frequently searched 15 federal district courts on Bloomberg Law, including the Southern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, District of the District of Columbia, and the Northern District of California.


Labor & Employment Practice Center

The Local Quick Reference Charts collection on the L&E Practice Center now includes 121 cities and counties. With the recent addition of two new cities – Columbia, Missouri and Rochester, New York – Bloomberg Law now covers every city with a ban-the-box law applicable to private employers.


Patents & Trade Secrets Practice Center

Practical Guidance focusing on Biologics and Exclusivities has been added to the Patents & Trade Secrets home page and the Pharma & Life Sciences patent practice page. The author, Gene J. Yao of Hunton & Williams LLP, is also a contributing author to a biotechnology patent law treatise that is planned to be co-published with the AIPLA. Patent marketing exclusivities are of interest to those seeking FDA approval for a new drug, and are also available with respect to biologic products. The practical guidance documents detail the ins-and-outs of the various non-patent exclusivities, and include an easy reference table to compare and contrast the procedures and periods of exclusivity for each category.

Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions

Private Equity Guidance – IPO Exit – is a new transaction in Bloomberg Law’s Private Equity collection of Practical Guidance, focused specifically on a private equity fund that is seeking to “exit” its investment in a portfolio company via IPO. This step-by-step presentation contains overviews, annotated timelines, checklists, forms, document overviews and other practical guidance.

New step-by-step Rule 144A/Reg S Debt Offering Practical Guidance contains
overviews, annotated timelines and checklists, form opinions, document descriptions, precedent searches and other specific information regarding debt offerings within and outside the U.S. under Securities Act Rules 144A and Regulation S. The materials will be of particular interest to attorneys in capital markets, securities, and corporate finance when working on private (unregistered) debt offerings.

Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security

New Practical Guidance on Cyber Insurance has been added to the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center. Authored by Hunton & Williams LLP, it provides step-by-step and task-based expert guidance on negotiating and obtaining cyber insurance coverage, identifying and quantifying risk, best practices for preventative cyber security measures and business continuity plans, and coordinating and communicating with the insurer as part of incident response


A new In Focus: Patent Venue practice page has been added to the Patents & Trade Secrets Practice Center featuring coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court’s May 2017 decision in TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Grp. Brands LLC that dramatically narrowed plaintiffs’ forum choices in patent infringement suits. In Focus: Patent Venue brings together all the latest news, judicial developments, and legal analysis on the new patent litigation venue regime


The Quarterly IPO Market Update U.S. on Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions includes data and analytics on Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) initial public offerings. Also included are data and analytics comparing IPO timing, including timing of EGCs (emerging growth companies) vs. non-EGCs


In October, Bloomberg Law added Bloomberg BNA’s new 11th Edition of Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Survey.


Bloomberg Law’s Doc Viewer 2.0 enhanced functionality has been applied to additional content, including: Court Orders; Court Rules; Practical Guidance; Law Reviews & Journals; Law Firm Research; Regulatory & Administrative Rules; Administrative Orders & Decisions; Public Laws & Acts; Constitutions; Uniform Laws; and Arbitration Decisions.

Doc Viewer 2.0 features an upgraded Right Rail design, enhanced Jump-To and Pagination features, and a Left Rail Table of Contents that enables users to navigate directly to specific sections of a document.