This One Time, at Cybercamp


Just like any other summer, thousands of children and teenagers will attend summer camps this year. Summer camps typically conjure up images of wilderness survival (or actual survival depending on the camp…), sailing, learning to dance or play musical instruments, and more.

Now, students in Virginia will be able to attend cybercamps.

The Virginia Department of Education announced March 9 that it will support 32 cybercamp programs for high school students. Each of the 38 participating school divisions will receive $62,500 for each camp. Students attending cybercamps will receive at least 70 hours of instructions, with field trips and project-driven learning programs. 

According to the announcement, the goal of cybercamps is to raise awareness of career opportunities in cybersecurity and to achieve Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D) goal of making Virginia the “cybersecurity capital” of the U.S. It seems that both Gov. McAuliffe and President Barack Obama think that nurturing academic and career interests in cybersecurity is crucial for the U.S.

In February, Obama proposed a $19 billion cybersecurity action plan, including $62 million to establish a CyberCorps Reserve program that would offer scholarships, develop a Cybersecurity Core Curriculum and strengthen the National Centers for Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity Program.

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