Bloomberg BNA is pleased to be working with the following professional groups and their members to produce special publications and programs. Each listing below links to a description of our partnership.

The American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law

Since 1971, Bloomberg BNA has published treatises by the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law, beginning with The Developing Labor Law. These comprehensive legal references are written by practitioners who represent the complete spectrum of interests in labor and employment law: union, management, plaintiff, defense, corporate, government, academic, and arbitrator/mediator. The contributors strive to accomplish two primary objectives: (1) to be equally balanced and nonpartisan in their viewpoints, and (2) to ensure the book is of significant value to the practitioner, student, and sophisticated nonlawyer.

The titles currently in print are: The Developing Labor Law; Employment Discrimination Law; How Arbitration Works; Discipline and Discharge in Arbitration; Equal Employment Law Update; International Labor and Employment Laws; The Fair Labor Standards Act; Employee Benefits Law; The Railway Labor Act; Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Survey; Employee Duty of Loyalty: A State-by-State Survey; Trade Secrets: A State-by-State Survey; Labor Arbitration: A Practical Guide for Advocates; Labor Arbitration: Cases and Materials; Labor Arbitrator Development: A Handbook; How to Take a Case Before the NLRB, 1998 Supplement; and Occupational Safety and Health Law.

These treatises are intended for the use of the Section membership as well as the bar generally. Section members are entitled to significant discounts on purchases of Section treatises. Learn more about The American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law.

The American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law

In 2000, Bloomberg BNA published the Section's first legal treatise, Patent Litigation Strategies Handbook, which is a strategic analysis of each phase of the litigation process. This treatise is intended for the use of the Section membership as well as the intellectual property bar generally. Section members are entitled to a significant discount on the purchase of the book. In January 2002, the Section and Bloomberg BNA launched a jointly-sponsored annual law student program titled, Award for Excellence in the Study of Intellectual Property Law.

This program honors outstanding achievement in the study of IP law at participating law schools. Winning students are selected by their law schools and receive a certificate identifying the course in which they excelled, as well as a copy of our titles co-published with the Section: Patent Litigation Strategies Handbook, Trademark Infringement for their personal libraries. Learn more about The American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law.

The American Bar Association Health Law Section

In 2001, Bloomberg BNA published the ABA Health Law Section's first legal reference Fraud and Abuse in Health Care. This treatise examines both the case law and the emerging regulatory initiatives designed to deal with health law fraud and abuse issues. Over the years we have published three titles with the section: E-Health Business and Transactional Law; Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Practical Perspectives, Second Edition; and Managed Care Litigation and Pharmaceutical Law: Regulation of Research, Development, and Marketing. Learn more about The American Bar Association Health Law Section

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

In 2011, Bloomberg BNA and the AIPLA first partnered to update two classic Bloomberg BNA intellectual property references, Electronic and Software Patents: Law and Practice and Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace. Written by IP experts from the AIPLA membership, these treatises and their supplements are intended for use by AIPLA members and the intellectual property bar at large. In 2013, Bloomberg BNA and AIPLA co-published International Patent Litigation: A Country-by-Country Analysis, 2013 Supplement. Additional projects are in the works. AIPLA members are entitled to a significant discount on the purchase of these books and their supplements. Learn more about the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

Licensing Executives Society International (LESI)

The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) is an association of 32 national and regional Member Societies comprised of men and women who have an interest in the transfer of technology, or licensing of intellectual property rights—from technical know how and patented inventions to software, copyright and trademarks. It is strictly non-political and is free to grow by the creation of member societies throughout the world irrespective of politics or the state of technology development. LES International has a constitution and by-laws. LESI members are entitled to a discount on select Bloomberg BNA titles. Learn more about the Licensing Executives Society International.

The National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA)

Since 1948, Bloomberg BNA has published and distributed the Proceedings of the National Academy of Arbitrators’ Annual Meeting. The Academy works to improve the general understanding of the nature and use of arbitration as a means of settling labor disputes. Its members are selected on the basis of their outstanding careers in the field of dispute resolution. NAA members are entitled to discounts on Bloomberg BNA labor and employment titles. Learn more about The National Academy of Arbitrators.