Outlook 2016: What’s Ahead for Chemicals, Waste and Hazmat Transport

Bloomberg BNA’s annual outlook continues today with a series of in-depth stories related to chemicals, hazardous materials transportation and waste management.

Major stories this year involve an expected overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts toward sustainable management of solid waste and court rulings on cleanup-related allocation and divisibility under CERCLA.

To improve the safety of crude oil movement by rail, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration will address litigation and policy mandates. PHMSA also will continue its work from the 2012 pipeline safety reauthorization and work on additional pipeline safety and aviation programs will continue (story for subscribers here).

Chemical trade associations will work with both chambers of Congress to reconcile their bills to modernize TSCA for the first time since it became law in 1976. Once a new law is signed by President Obama they’ll work to help implement it (story for subscribers here).CrudeBlog

In pesticides and biotech, the EPA will look at effects of individual insecticides on pollinators while states develop their own targeted pollinator protection plans. Some of the most widely used pesticides, including Monsanto's glyphosate, will be reevaluated under EPA's registration review program (story for subscribers here).

CERCLA cleanups will focus on bodies of water and large contaminated sediment sites in 2016. Courts are expected to flesh out apportionment and allocation issues in lawsuits over who is responsible, and for how much, for cleanup of contaminated sites (story for subscribers here).

The EPA will work to ensure small and rural communities are fairly represented when the agency awards brownfields grants (story for subscribers here).

EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management will focus its efforts on sustainable management of solid waste, including in the automotive sector, packaging and food. The office will continue implementation of the coal ash and definition of solid waste rules under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and publish final rules under RCRA on hazardous pharmaceutical management, hazardous waste generators and the export and import of hazardous waste (story for subscribers here).