Climate Change: Bloomberg BNA's Recent Coverage

Bloomberg BNA's Dean Scott has been covering many aspects of the domestic and international climate debate in the weeks leading up to President Donald Trump's decision on whether the U.S. should leave the Paris Agreement. (Listen to Dean discuss the agreement on C-SPAN here.) Here is a sample of that coverage:

Scoring Business Climate Action a Dilemma as Paris Exit Looms

The prospect of President Donald Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate pact has spurred states and U.S. companies to pledge to fill any gap in climate action. But the real gap may be in finding the right yardstick to measure companies’ often-voluntary efforts as well as uniting a loose coalition of states that have cut carbon emissions.

China Likely to Fill Some, But Not All, of U.S. Climate Vacuum

Those looking for a silver lining on climate change after the November election offered a ready answer for what a Trump administration retreat would bring: China rushing into the breach to fill the vacuum of climate leadership.

But is China—which a decade ago overtook the U.S. as the world’s top greenhouse gas emitter—really about to be the global climate savior?

U.S. Reversal on Climate Funds Spurs Interest in Private Funding

The Trump administration may be moving to end aid to an array of international climate funds—but more private funding sources may be on the way to help partially fill the gap.

U.S. ‘Needs to Exit’ Paris Climate Pact, EPA Chief Says

The U.S. “needs to exit” the Paris climate pact, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said April 13, siding with those in the Trump administration who want complete withdrawal from the 2015 agreement reached among nearly 200 nations. 

Effort to Rely on States for Climate Action Scores Win in Virginia

Climate action advocates who are looking to individual states for some good news given the Trump administration’s rollbacks of climate efforts scored a victory May 16 with the Virginia governor’s move to set carbon pollution limits for the power sector.

Barrasso Agenda Heavy on Public Works, Light on Environment

In the weeks ahead the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hopes to be deeply enmeshed in the Trump administration’s vision of a $1 trillion upgrade to U.S. infrastructure—and there will be plenty of reason for its chairman to boast that the panel is meeting its responsibilities on public works. But on the environment? Not so much.