Patent Search

The Advanced Patent Search is a fast, easy way to search U.S. patents, patent applications, and assignment data. The search includes all granted U.S. patents from 1976 to the present, as well as all published patent applications and statutory invention registrations. The Patent Search provides fields for focusing specifically on the sources, number and inventor name.

How to Access the Specialized Patent Search

  1. To view the Advanced Patent Search, type ‘patent’ into the Search Bar and select Patent Search from the dropdown list; or
  2. Click Select Sources on the right side of the Search Bar, then click the Advanced Searches link at the top right of the box that pops up, and then select Patents from the dropdown list; or
  3. Access it from the IP/Tech & Telecom Practice Center, via the Resources box, Specialized Search section.
How to Use the Specialized Patent Search

  1. Select sources to search by using autocomplete feature or browsing a list of sources.
  2. You can search for exact phrases by placing your desired keywords in quotes into the Keywords box.
  3. To search for granted patents by number, use the ID Numbers field and select Patent # from the dropdown menu.
  4. Published patent applications can be searched by Publication Number, by using the ID Numbers field and selecting Publication # from the dropdown list.
  5. Multiple inventor names can be entered if separated by semicolons

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