Patent Search

Use Patent Search to search U.S. patents, patent applications, and assignment data. The search includes all granted U.S. patents from 1976 to the present, as well as all published patent applications and statutory invention registrations. 


How to Access the Patent Search

Enter ‘patent’ into the Search Bar and select Patent Search from the auto-complete drop-down menu. 


Patent Search_search bar

To search for exact phrases place the keywords in quotes in the KEYWORDS text box.

To search for granted patents by number and published patent applications, use the ID Numbers field and select Patent or Publication # from the drop-down menu. 

Patent search_ID numbers

To search a specific section in a patent use the PATENT SECTIONS field. Click the drop-down menu to select the patent section.


Patent search_patent sections



To simultaneously search for multiple INVENTORS, separate the names with semicolons.

Patent Search_template


The link to Create a Search Alert displays at the bottom of the template.