Executive Team

Paul Albergo

Bureau Chief

Paul AlbergoPaul Albergo was named Bureau Chief for Bloomberg BNA in April 2015. 

In this position, Albergo oversees the Washington-based news organization’s 600 reporters and editors that publish nearly 200 news and information services covering the law, business, economics, the environment, health care, taxation, labor and human resource, and trade issues.  

Albergo joined Bloomberg BNA in 1986 and has managed a number of key company publications, including Daily Report for Executives, Banking Report, Privacy & Security Law Report, and Health Care Daily Report, as well as the company’s worldwide network of staff and freelance correspondents.

Albergo is an adjunct associate professor of journalism in the School of Communications at American University.

Albergo has a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a master’s degree from Boston College.