Payroll Department Benchmarks and Analysis Report 2015-2016


Bloomberg BNA’s Payroll Benchmarks and Analysis 2015-2016 is a comprehensive survey-based report on payroll operations, activities, and performance. The report provides numerous metrics and parameters, including payroll staffing and budgets, departmental operations and procedures, technology and automation in payroll, and various measures of payroll department performance.


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Based on survey responses from more than 200 respondents, this report is the second iteration of Bloomberg BNA’s most extensive survey research and analysis on the payroll function. The report covers every critical metric and supports those metrics with tables and analysis designed to provide unmatched reporting on payroll department resources, obligations, workload, and performance across a broad spectrum of topics and measurements, including: 

  • Payroll staffing and expenditures, particularly per capita measures of staff levels and budgets. 
  • Basic payroll operations and parameters, including oversight of the payroll department, extent of domestic and international operations, pay cycles, and means of time-worked submissions. 
  • Payroll systems, technology, and automation. 
  • Outsourcing of payroll functions and activities. 
  • Speed and efficiency of payroll transactions.
  • Incidence and resolution of payroll errors, inquiries, and fraud.
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of the payroll department.       

Count on Bloomberg BNA to provide you with a fresh, independent viewpoint, based on unique data and analysis and the combined experience of top payroll professionals, analysts, and our expert editorial staff. 

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