Some People Really Need to Get a Hobby

As illustrated in these pictures taken this morning at the U.S. Supreme Court by our own Kimberly Robinson, seat demand for tomorrow's Hobby Lobby, contraceptive mandate case is high.

According to sources at the court, the line began forming on Friday, and clearly, people hung on through the weekend, which offered pleasant temperatures at first, but became downright frigid by early this morning.

With no cameras allowed in the courtroom, seating is at a premium. Some stats from the 2012 Affordable Care Act arguments provided by the court's press information office illustrate this point.

On March 26, 2012—the first of three days of arguments over the individual mandate—there were:

  • 120 general public seats (for the entire argument);
  • 34 public seats rotating out every 3-5 minutes;
  • 76 seats reserved for bar members; and
  • 117 press seats.

Thus, it's obvious why sometimes camping is the only option if you just have to get in to see a historic Supreme Court argument—well, camping or paying someone to camp for you.

The first ACA arguments at the court featured some of the liveliest crowds I've ever encountered at One First Street. We'll see tomorrow what Round 2 and the contraceptive mandate have in store.

Hobby Lobby Line at Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby Line at Supreme Court 2

Hobby Lobby Line at Supreme Court 3