PFOA, PFOS Likely Hazardous to Immune System, Scientists Say


Two chemicals that have made thousands of industrial and consumer products stick-, heat- and grease-resistant also are presumed to be hazardous to people's immune systems, a scientific panel said Tuesday.

A panel of epidemiologists, toxicologists, microbiologists and other scientists critiqued and then supported the National Toxicology Program's draft analysis that concluded perfluorooctanoic acid, more commonly known as PFOA, and perfluorooctane sulfonate, or PFOS, are presumed to be immune hazards to humans.

The scientific panel's support for the toxicology program's conclusions come as the DuPont Co. and its spinoff, the Chemours Co., have been found liable in the first two of 3,500 lawsuits in which people claim their exposures to PFOA caused cancer and certain other health problems.

Bloomberg BNA chemicals reporter Pat Rizzuto has the story at PFOA, PFOS Likely Hazardous to Immune System: Scientists.