Bloomberg Law’s Enhanced News products provide you with the customizable delivery of timely and concise news and industry developments you can rely upon. They provide up-to-the-minute news via a custom email that is sent to your inbox at a time and frequency of your choosing.

Effective April 2, 2018, the enhanced Pharma & Life Sciences News will replace the following publications: Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report®, Life Sciences Law & Industry Report™, Medical Research Law & Policy Report®, and Medical Devices Law & Industry Report™, and BioTech Watch™.

The individual Bloomberg BNA Law Reports will be available with Pharma & Life Sciences News through early June 2018.  Thereafter, only Pharma and Life Sciences News will be published on Bloomberg Law.

Bloomberg Law’s extensive network of reporters and editors helps subscribers to stay ahead of legal and business developments – and mitigate risk – in pharma and life sciences, including real-time coverage of federal and state legislative and regulatory developments, as well as key court decisions and enforcement actions, and industry trends.  The nation’s most objective and informative pharmaceuticals and life sciences news resource, Bloomberg Law’s Pharma & Life Sciences News is relied on by legal, compliance, and industry professionals alike, alerting them of developments in courts, Congress, agencies, industry, and related organizations.  Keep up to date on:

  • Legislative and regulatory developments
  • Court and administrative decisions
  • Industry and compliance news
  • Government policies and enforcement priorities
  • And much more

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences News covers a comprehensive range of today’s pharmaceuticals and life sciences law topics with balanced news articles, insightful analyses, current data and essential documents.


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  • Original reporting on breaking news from Bloomberg Law’s network of reporters and editors
  • Full coverage of today’s pharma and life sciences industry topics and legal requirements, with balanced news articles, insightful analysis, current data and key documents
  • Objective reporting on legislative and regulatory developments, court and administrative decisions, industry and compliance news, government policies, and enforcement priorities


  • Pharmaceutical Law and Industry developments
  • Food & Drug Administration regulations
  • False and Fraudulent Claims
  • Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement
  • Life Sciences and Biotech Industry developments
  • Intellectual Property and Licensing
  • Generic Drug Competition and Hatch-Waxman Act
  • NIH and Medical Research
  • Medical Device regulation
  • Biosimilars
  • State Level Regulation and Enforcement
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Corporate Compliance