Thomas A. Piraino, Jr. Esq.

Parker Hannifin Corp.
Piraino, Thomas

Thomas A. Piraino, Jr. retired in 2014 as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Parker Hannifin Corp., after 32 years with the company. Mr. Piraino joined Parker in 1981 as Assistant Secretary and Legal Counsel. He was responsible for managing the company’s legal and government contract compliance affairs. He also oversaw all of Parker’s domestic and international legal operations.

He previously served as Vice President - Law and Assistant Secretary. Prior to joining Parker, Mr. Piraino served as Senior Counsel for Diamond Shamrock Corp. of Dallas, Texas. He began his legal career as an associate with the firm of Jones Day in Cleveland.  He received his B.A. from Allegheny College and his J.D. from Cornell Law School.

Mr. Piraino is the author of Bloomberg BNA Corporate Practice Portfolio Series No. 66-2nd, Antitrust Aspects of Joint Ventures.  This portfolio volume discusses the antitrust analysis of joint ventures. The portfolio provides an overview of the relevant antitrust statutes and enforcement guidelines. It then examines horizontal joint ventures—between firms that compete with each other; vertical joint ventures—between firms at different levels of production or different levels in the chain of distribution; and conglomerate joint ventures—between firms neither in competition nor in a vertical relationship with each other. The portfolio distinguishes joint ventures from mergers and cartels, and discusses the approaches to joint ventures taken by the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission. After considering joint ventures that are either clearly illegal or clearly permissible, it analyzes the balancing test used for joint ventures whose net competitive effects are not clear on their face. The portfolio discusses the adverse effects that may result from operating joint ventures, and examines the development and application of the ancillary-restraint doctrine.  Finally, it examines specific types of joint ventures, including joint buying arrangements, research and development joint ventures, production joint ventures, and various marketing joint ventures.