‘Plan B’ Tax Bill Withdrawn Amid Revolt From Republican Rank and File

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House Speaker Boehner withdraws his bill to prevent the expiration of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts after failing to secure enough Republican votes to pass the measure. The House is expected to adjourn until after Christmas, and Republican leaders say it is now up to President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid to put together a proposal that can pass Congress. Boehner's plan had been to pass legislation that would have added a new 39.6 percent income tax bracket for households earning more than $1 million. House Republican leaders had opted to bring up the bill they dubbed Plan B, with the goal of having something to send the Senate in the event that a larger deal between Obama and Boehner would not materialize before tax rates revert to their pre-2001 levels on Jan. 1. But the decision to pull the bill from the House floor represents a breakdown among House Republicans, and Boehner's comments suggest he is ready to act only after Democrats send up a better offer.

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