PODCAST: Air Pollution Not Just for Cities Anymore

When you think of air pollution, you probably think of a big city on a hot summer day, with cars sitting on a freeway spewing out emissions.

You probably don’t think of rural northeastern Utah, an area at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with a population density in the single digits.

And yet, this area is indeed facing some serious air pollution problems. It’s struggling to reduce its levels of ozone, which can worsen asthma and other breathing problems, to get those levels below the EPA’s new tougher standards.

For this week’s episode of Parts Per Billion, our biweekly environmental policy podcast, we find out what exactly is going on here by chatting with Patrick Ambrosio, Bloomberg BNA’s air pollution reporter.

Patrick says rural Utah is having problems partly because it resides under a weird atmospheric bubble that traps pollution in, but also because it’s seen a big rise in oil and gas activity over the past few years. And it’s not the only rural area that’s struggling to clean up its air.

Patrick also talks about how the politics of air pollution (and yes, there are definitely politics involved in air pollution) have been somewhat scrambled now that this is no longer exclusively an urban concern.

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