PODCAST: Climate Change in a Democratic Senate

We’re about 10 weeks out from this fall’s elections, and it’s looking like Democrats have a pretty good shot at taking back the Senate.

If they do, how would a Democratic Senate tackle the issue of climate change?

That’s the question Bloomberg BNA reporter Dean Scott examined in a recent special report. He found that not all Democrats are on the same page in agreeing on the right strategy to pursue should they find themselves in the majority next year.

next leaders chart

For the latest episode of our environmental policy podcast, Parts Per Billion, we spoke with Dean about the differing schools of thought within the Democratic party on this issue and about what would happen with climate legislation if the party wins really big in November.

This is the second episode of In the Year 2017, our occasional series of podcasts looking at what will happen with environmental issues next year under a new administration and a new Congress. Check out the first part of our series, where we examined what the environment would look like under a President Donald Trump.

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