PODCAST: Confirming All of the President’s Men

Donald Trump has just been sworn in as our 45th president, so you know what that means: it’s time for all of his nominees to try to get through the occasionally harrowing confirmation process.

This week, we’re taking Parts Per Billion, our biweekly environmental policy podcast, directly to the halls of the Greatest Deliberative Body in the World—the United States Senate.

For our latest episode, we talked to Bloomberg BNA Capitol Hill reporter Brian Dabbs about the people Trump has chosen to lead the EPA, the Department of Energy and several other agencies that have a big impact on the environment.  We spoke to Dabbs in a hallway just feet away from the Senate chamber, and if you listen closely you can hear the footsteps of several of Senators who will likely cast decisive confirmation votes.

Dabbs talked about the instances during the confirmation hearing for EPA nominee Scott Pruitt, currently the Oklahoma attorney general, where he broke with the president—and with his own record. Dabbs also assessed the Democrats’ chances of blocking any of Trump’s nominees. (Hint: they’re not good.)

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