PODCAST: Even in Wet Florida, Aquifers Drying Up

When it comes to the environment, arid Nevada and tropical Florida probably don’t have much in common.

But there is one thing: both states are struggling with depleted groundwater.

Agriculture, overdevelopment and, yes, climate change are all causing the sponge-like aquifers that store freshwater supplies to run dangerously low all over the country—even in a state like Florida that gets more than four feet of rain year.

Amena groundwater

For the latest episode of our environmental policy podcast, Parts Per Billion, we spoke with Bloomberg BNA water reporter Amena Saiyid about what’s driving this groundwater problem and why the solutions to it will likely not come from Washington.

She also talked about a recent kayak trip she made to a shallow Florida river, where she had a somewhat scary encounter with a very large reptile.

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