PODCAST: International Climate Talks and Trump’s Ghost

Donald Trump is not the president of the United States (yet). He wasn’t president in mid-November when world leaders gathered in Marrakech, Morocco, to hash out the details of a landmark climate change agreement.

And yet…

At this year’s annual international climate conference, held just days after Trump’s election to the White House, was inescapable, The Donald’s presence was inescapable, according to Bloomberg BNA environmental reporter Dean Scott.

Everyone was buzzing about what the election would mean for the future of the U.N.-organized process, Dean says. Last year in Paris, both developed and developing nations agreed for the first time to make concrete pledges to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions—an agreement Trump characterized on the campaign trail as one of many “bad deals that undermine the interests of the American people.”

In the latest episode of our environmental policy podcast, Parts Per Billion, we speak with Dean about what went down in Marrakech and how Trump’s election may have actually galvanized some of the climate negotiators to act more boldly than they would have otherwise.

Dean also talked about what could happen over the next year that could affect the 2017 climate talks in Bonn, Germany.

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