PODCAST: The Looming Trade War Trump May… Prevent?

We all know Donald Trump has a pretty aggressive stance on trade—he wants to rip up many of our trade deals with other countries, which some worry may spark an international spiral into protectionism.

However, Bloomberg BNA's Tiffany Stecker has a story about a looming trade war that Trump may actually avert. The issue centers on a Dow Chemical Co. insecticide that’s used widely throughout the world.

Per a federal court order, the EPA must decide by the end of this month whether to ban this insecticide, which has the hard-to-pronounce name of chlorpyrifos.

Tiffany says the EPA is in a tough place here: if it does ban the bug killer, it would harm farmers in other countries that want to import their produce to the U.S., and it may prompt those other countries to retaliate in ways that harm U.S. farmers.

But, Tiffany says that, if the Trump administration decides not to ban chlorpyrifos, it will be going against mounting scientific evidence—much of it compiled by Trump’s predecessor—indicating that chlorpyrifos isn't safe.

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