PODCAST: What the New Chemicals Law Means for You and Me

People are calling it the most significant piece of environmental legislation in a generation. It could usher in a sea change in the way the EPA regulates toxic chemicals.

So what does it mean for you and me?

The overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act cleared both chambers of Congress and got signed by the president this summer, after literally years of political wrangling. It’s the first major update to a Gerald Ford-era law that was widely criticized as being all but toothless. (Check out this infographic for more details.)

How will this affect the household products that consumers buy and use every day? Will shoppers notice anything different when they look for cleaners, plastics, air fresheners and hundreds of other items with chemical ingredients regulated by the law?

For the latest episode of our environmental policy podcast, Parts Per Billion, we talk to two of the players who have a big stake in the future of this law: Natural Resources Defense Council attorney Daniel Rosenberg, who specializes in chemicals regulation, and Chris Cathcart, president of a trade group that represents household product makers.

Rosenberg and Cathcart don’t see eye to eye on much, including what effect the law will have on the marketplace and even why updating it was necessary in the first place.

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