PODCAST: Does Scott Pruitt Hate Pot Smokers? Maybe Not

Before the election, the EPA seemed to be on the verge of allowing marijuana growers in states that have legalized the plant to use certain pesticides on their crops.

Then Scott Pruitt came into office and reversed course.

The Environmental Protection Agency administrator surprised many in the burgeoning pot industry when he told states he could not approve pesticides for their crops. This placed growers in the difficult position of having few if any tools they can legally use to beat back pest threats—using a pesticide on a crop without EPA approval is a federal crime.

So, why did Pruitt make this reversal? Does he just not like pot-smoking hippies? Or was it more complicated than that?

We posed these questions to Bloomberg BNA’s Tiffany Stecker for the latest episode of our environmental policy podcast, Parts Per Billion. She said the EPA may have reversed its stance on this because it felt the course the previous administration had been taking wouldn’t hold up in court.

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