PODCAST: A Trump Presidency Would Be Wild Card for Environment

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Parts Per Billion is a new kind of dialog between Bloomberg BNA and our readers. We're pulling back the curtain on our biggest environmental policy stories. Come with us behind the scenes to get the story behind the story.

This is a series for people who want to know what the administration, Congress and the courts are doing on the environment. And you can meet our reporters at the same time.

We're calling this podcast series "Parts Per Billion." We identify the individual parts that make up environmental policy, and we explore those important issues deeply. “Parts per billion” is a phrase you hear across environmental fields, from air pollution to toxic chemicals to water quality.

In the inaugural episode of Parts Per Billion, reporter Anthony Adragna and host David Schultz talk about what environmental policy would look like under a Donald Trump presidency — the candidate who has said he’d eliminate the “Department of Environmental.”

Adragna interviewed more than a dozen politicians, lobbyists and activists, who all told him the same thing: No one's really sure what a Trump presidency would look like for the environment.  

Trump and the Environment

In future episodes of Parts Per Billion, we’ll cover the Paris climate agreement, sustainability, Volkswagen and more. 

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And if you’d like more on environmental policy in a Trump administration, Adragna’s full story has all the details, including sources describing the billionaire as “an enigma,” “highly unpredictable” and “hard to pin down.”


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