PODCAST: Trump Rhetoric Gives Border Town Mayor Headaches

Though he’s mayor of a town with only around 25,000 residents, Serge Dedina has to grapple with some international environmental problems.

Dedina leads the town of Imperial Beach, Calif., which holds the distinction of being the most southwestern town in the U.S. It’s bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the south by Mexico.

And it’s that border with Mexico that has been giving Dedina a lot of headaches lately.

There’s a river that originates in Mexico, crosses the border, and flows through his town. And after every heavy rainstorm, sewage treatment plants on the Mexican side of the border get overwhelmed and discharge into the river, which is a major problem for Imperial Beach residents.

For the latest episode of our environmental podcast, Parts Per Billion,We spoke with Dedina about this international water pollution problem and about the work he’s been doing with his counterparts in Mexico to try to solve it.

Dedina also talked about how this ongoing global/local cooperation is being threatened by the increasingly bellicose rhetoric of President Donald Trump.

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